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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:22:23 +1100 From: james robinson Subject: After School Shower Part 3 After School Shower. Part3...........................JustJames. The swimming pool lay there shimmering blue in the sunlight as it streamed through the huge floor to ceiling glass walls of the building, not a ripple was visible except where the filter system caused slight upwellings and bubbles where the water returned to the 50 metre Olympic sized pool. The atmosphere smelt damp and the strong odour of chlorine permeated the building as the swim team entered the massive building, their young voices echoed around the empty stands as the boys sauntered towards the changing rooms with a certain amount of horse play, pushing and shoving as they worked off their high spirits.They didn't see coach Maynard who was sitting up high in the stand and all jumped startled when they heard the shrill of his whistle break the quiet humid atmosphere. He barked at the lads, " Come on you slackers, get into the change rooms and get your togs on, we haven't got all day."Peter glanced at his best buddy Gary and raised his eyes in disgust as he whispered, "Looks as though we are in for a torrid training session, coach is in a foul mood already by the sound of it."Gary muttered through gritted teeth, " Yeah he isn't usually this annoyed first thing in the session, maybe he didn't get any last night or this morning."Peter sniggered as the coach bellowed, " Come on you two get a wriggle on and stop talking or you will get to do an extra 20 laps."The boys looked around and found all their team mates had gone into the changing rooms, they hurried through the doors and walked into the locker filled room filled with semi naked or naked boys pulling off their uniforms while some were sliding their tight Speedos up their slender muscular legs. The view was mind blowing as they observed all the different bodies and genitals some of the younger teens still smooth and completely hairless with small pre pubescent cocks and tiny balls, while the older guys like Matt the swim team captain had man sized dicks with huge hanging nut sacks with egg sized balls rolling about inside, their pubes were bushy and wiry like fully adult men The eye candy was prolific to say the least and Loli Preteen Porn both lads were having great difficulty keeping their cocks in line as they tried to climb erect.Peter nudged Gary and nodded across the room to show him that Larry, a 12 year old swimmer was having difficulty pulling his Speedos over a full blown boner, Terry the guy next to him saw his difficulty and bellowed, " Hey guys little Larry has cracked a bar, he must be a gay boy, look at the little perv." Larry blushed crimson and tried to hide the rock hard 4inch boner by holding his towel in front of his groin. Terry ripped the towel away and grabbed the pulsating prick in his other hand squeezing it hard causing the boy to grimace in pain and tears welled up in his squinted eyes as Terry began to pull hard on his tender young cock.Matt turned around to see and yelled at Terry, " Leave the kid alone, he's not hurting anybody and we all can crack a bar at any time it doesn't mean anything it's just our teenage bodies getting horny."Terry kept a hold of the boy's boner and gave it a couple of strokes, the young lad stood there trembling in embarrassment but seemed to also enjoy the attention to his hard throbbing cock. The thin material of his Speedos showed a small patch of moisture at the very tip of his small knob, and Terry looked closely at the patch then rubbed the pad of his thumb over the slippery fluid. Larry's head went back and he whimpered softly as Larry kept stroking the knob through the soft satiny Lycra, Matt walked over and grabbed Terry's hand yanking it off the boy's twitching boner, he glared at Terry saying, " What are you? Are you enjoying stroking Larry's dick I think you might be the gay guy here not young Larry."Terry blushed and walked off grabbing his towel and draping it across his hips and covering the large hefty bulge in his own togs. Peter and Gary exchanged glances and grinned then turned around and walked over to the youngster putting their arms around his shoulders from each side and escorted him out to the pool. Young Terry appreciated the attention of the two older swimmers and felt comforted by the warmth of their bodies pressed against his and the feel of their strong arms draped across his slender shoulders. His young penis was again stirring from the sensations of the muscular bodies rubbing against his and he was cracking a full boner as they entered the pool area. He made sure his towel was draped across his groin covering the hard shaft as it bulged up against his flat abdomen, held tightly by the tight stretched Lycra Speedos.Peter stopped at the first row of seats and dropped his towel onto a seat then he gently ran his hand across the tight hard young ass as Larry stopped beside him. Loli Preteen Porn He felt the firm rubbery muscles of his cheeks and the clearly defined cleft between the twin firm globes, young Larry shivered at his touch and pressed back onto his warm caressing hand. Peter was surprised to feel the lad react to his caress and Larry made a soft moaning sound as Peter's fingers felt into his crevice. The fingers couldn't penetrate deeply as the skin tight Speedos had no give in them stretched to the limit as they were.Gary saw the interplay between the two boys and stood in front of them shielding them from the pool and the rest of the guys, he could hear Larry sighing and moaning quietly as Peter massaged his tight virginal ass. Gary moved back slightly until he felt the heat of young Larry's groin against his ass and he backed hard onto the pulsing young penis as Terry pushed his hips forward into Gary's ass. The young lad began to hump into the tight buns concealed in the bright red togs, and Gary began to wriggle slightly sending electric charges through Larry's body. A loud groan issued from Larry's chest as he pushed hard into Gary's butt crack and he began to ejaculate as he staggered when his knees weakened and he nearly collapsed to the wet tiles. Peter quickly held him up by grasping him by the slender waist and it took about a minute before he was steady enough to stand on his own.The boys were engrossed in their interplay and were shocked out of their trance by the blasting of coach Maynard's whistle as he bellowed for the team to get in the pool. Peter and Gary moved in front of Larry to hide the large sticky wet patch where his cum load was soaking through the shiny Lycra, and they dived into the pool shuddering as their warm bodies hit the cool water. Larry swam under water and ducked between Peter and Gary stroking both their semi rigid cocks, both boys immediately cracked full boners and they grabbed the boy and held him underwater to teach him a lesson. Larry was wriggling about trying to escape the grip of the older lads and his hands kept contacting and squeezing the beautiful boners on each side of him. The arrival of Matt in their Loli Preteen Porn midst stopped the horseplay and Terry swam between Matt's legs sliding his tight young ass across Matt's impressive basket firmly held in his togs.Matt seemed to ignore the sensation of the young tight ass cheeks slipping across his sceptre and jewels and just reached down and grasped Terry by the waist and Loli Preteen Porn lifted him effortlessly into the air. He squirmed frantically in the strong grip as Matt raised him above his handsome head causing his beautifully cut muscular body to tense and display then tossed Larry through the air to splash down in the centre of the pool in a massive shower of spray. Coach Maynard bellowed loudly to cut the crap and get swimming, Matt apologised and dove beneath the surface and began strongly back stroking up the pool. Peter and Gary watched as he powered away his large lunch exposed as he swung from side to side in the water. The smooth bulge was obvious as Matt swam on his back and it glistened as the water ebbed and flowed across his skin tight red Speedos, both lads watched fascinated dreaming erotically about sharing their captain's studly body in bed.Their day Loli Preteen Porn dream was shattered as the coach yelled angrily at them blasting his whistle and demanding they do 10 extra laps as punishment for day dreaming. The boys decided that the sight they had been watching was worth 10 extra laps, as they slipped into the rhythm of swimming up and down the pool. They swam up the pool revelling in the feeling of the water caressing their bare flesh, the sensation of the bubbles created by their motion was sending gentle but sensual vibrations over their cocks which were lying in their togs and pointing towards their navels. The water was vibrating on their pricks and they began to harden acting like a drag as they swelled the larger and harder, even though they were trapped hard against their lower abdomens.Peter and Gary finished their 50 laps and the extra 10 issued as punishment and stopped in the shallow end their arms over the tiled area of the starting blocks, their chests heaving from the exertions. They turned and floated on their backs with their elbows hooked into the drain running around the pool, their bodies floated on the surface and their teenage cocks were visible as they broke the surface. Young Larry swam up and stopped next to them his cute young face quite red from the exertions of his 50 laps, he floated next to them and rubbed his foot under Peter's tight firm bottom. He worked his toes up between the muscular thighs and wriggled them against Peter's nut sack, Peter opened his legs wider and allowed the boy to caress his balls as his penis swelled to a steel hard tumescence. Larry watched as the swelling reached a huge pulsating size then he let go of the drain and swam across Peter's body rubbing against the swollen member with his smaller boy cock. He reached out as he swam and his hand contacted Gary's hard prick and he grasped it as he pulled himself across his body as well.Both boys thrilled to the feel of Larry's slim sexy young body slipping through the lubricating water over their more mature muscular bodies, their cocks were raging hard by the time he had slipped off Gary into the water again. Terry surfaced and grinned cheekily at them and asked softly, " Did you like that guys?"Both lads nodded and smiled back at the angelic looking boy, he slipped beneath the surface and swam under them groping their tightly packed bubble butts. Peter pulled himself down and trapped the boy under water as he pushed his ass into him squashing him against the tiled wall. Larry wriggled and writhed trying to escape from Peter but he just kept crushing him in position, as the boy struggled his hand slid between Peter's thighs and groped his hard tool squeezing him hard and causing a little pain. Peter released him and he surfaced gasping and retching pool water, which he had inhaled as he struggled for release.Peter lifted him out of the water and placed his sweet little ass on the starting block Larry's crotch was at eye level and both Peter and Gary were treated to a view of his rock hard boner. Larry was excited beyond belief as he had never had any real sexual contact before in his young life and the attention of these two older studs was blowing his young mind. He had his thighs raised up so his erection wasn't visible from the sides of the pool and only the two hunky boys were able to see his throbbing 4 inches of engorged meat. His small boy's nuts were drawn up tightly to the base of his twitching pulsing hard on, they were almost invisible so tightly were they contracted and suddenly without touching his gorgeous young cock he orgasmed and his penis pumped a thick juicy load into the confines of his tight togs.Peter and Gary were watching wide eyed as they saw Larry's eyes roll back into his head as his hard little shaft began to spasm and ejaculate, his whole body was trembling and twitching and he slid off the block into Peter's waiting arms. As he slid slowly over the edge of the block his body was arched back thrusting his hard on forward, emphasizing the size and hardness in the skin tight Loli Preteen Porn Lycra as the semen stained and oozed slowly through the smooth material. His body slid down over Peter's muscular chest and the feeling of the young spasming prick rubbing it's way down into the water was awesome and Peter's boner became hooked under Larry's nut sack holding his pulsating penis hard against his navel as the boy's climax ceased and he began to return from his mind blowing trip. Gary slipped beneath the surface and peered up at Larry's stretched ass where he saw Peter's hard cock rammed against the young buns. He moved across and placed his lips over Larry's knob, which was still poking up hard as a rock, he sucked the sperm from the togs and he felt Larry shudder as the sensation of his tongue teased his glans through the tight togs. Peter felt Gary's head insinuate between their bodies and knew what he was doing as Larry groaned and shuddered in his arms. The trio had to break up as Matt and Terry arrived at their end of the pool, Terry was closely watching young Larry who was still flushed in the face and breathing heavily. He had a knowing expression on his rugged face as he closely surveyed the younger boy, and he gently brushed his fingers down over the taught young body and over his still hard cock. Larry blushed even more as he felt Terry feel his erection and he backed away and turned to face the starting blocks in embarrassment.The swim session was over and coach Maynard called the boys into a huddle as he told them what faults he'd found in the swim styles and how to improve things, then he told them to go and get showered and dressed. The lads trooped off into the locker and shower rooms, some of the boys showered with their Speedos on as if embarrassed to expose their bodies to the eyes of their team mates while some proudly exposed and showed what they had between their slender muscular thighs.The array of different sized and shaped cocks and balls was fascinating to view, mostly circumcised with a couple uncut, some heavily haired but most either completely smooth or just beginning puberty with a very sparse collection of silky soft young pubic hairs. Some of the older boys were obviously well into puberty their large nuts dragging their scrotums down from their body and already a fairly heavy growth of hair gracing their nut sack and running down their soft perineum to form a small bush around their tight sphincters.The eye candy on display was a voyeurs delight as all these testosterone filled teens washed their muscular young taught bodies and caressed their genitals as they soaped and played with their fine young cocks. The number of boners thrown during shower sessions was unbelievable and you would see a lad suddenly turn away and face the shower wall to try and hide his budding boner from sight. The chiacking as a boner appeared caused many a boy to blush and wish he was not in the room as the steamy atmosphere and naked horny bodies stirred their hormone driven imaginations. Peter and Gary usually shared a shower and today young Larry used the shower next to them, suddenly Terry appeared behind Larry and slid his hands around the slim young hips. Larry jumped, startled by the sudden groping of his sleek wet body, as a hand slid over his wet slick skin till it reached his hard young cock. Terry pulled him back against his groin where his huge 8 inch erection slipped between the young boys cheeks, Larry struggled a little then as Terry began to stroke him he calmed down rested his blonde head against Terry's chest, closing his eyes and surrendered to the sexual bliss of the hand job. Terry was stroking the hot hard little penis and rubbing his thick meat up and down between the rubbery firm ass cheeks, Larry was whimpering softly as he quickly neared his climax. His slim legs were trembling as his eyes closed and his breathing became ragged then without warning he erupted pumping his sweet thin boy juice into the air between the two showers. Peter reached a hand out to catch some of the boy's offering and brought it to his lips tasting the sweet sperm, rolling it around in his mouth till it slid down his throat.The flavour was exquisite and Peter decided that if Larry wished to spend some time with he and Garry they would be delighted to share their bodies with him. Terry was still humping into the boy's tight cleft and as Larry began to sag in his arms he blew a massive load up the boy's cleft and onto his smoothly muscled back. The shower spray washed the sticky pearly goo slowly off Larry's flesh and it slid down his trembling legs to run down the drain with the soapy water. Terry let the lad go and moved away to the next shower and continued to wash himself. Nobody noticed the little drama as most of the boys were off in the locker room donning their school uniforms, Peter and Gary stood there watching Terry as he washed himself and when he saw them looking at him he groped his massive cock and balls in his hand and gyrated his hips at them saying, " Next time I see Larry this monster will be buried deep inside his tight little ass and I will be wrapped to hear his squeals as I fuck him senseless."Larry turned and looked at the threatening thick uncut log standing out from the thick wiry bush as Terry squeezed the base making his cock and balls look even bigger and he turned white in fear as Terry laughed sadistically. The heavily muscled hairy body with the dark hair, matted by the cascading water looked awesome and arrogantly aggressive, causing Larry to shiver as he imagined the brute spearing his tiny ass with the massive fleshy log. Terry laughed aloud and turned off the shower drying himself and left the three lads alone in the showers. Gary turned to Peter and said, " What an arrogant arsehole that Terry is, I think he needs taking down a peg or two."Peter was still upset at the way Terry used Larry and said, " Yeah I think we three will have to fix that nasty bastard once and for all, I have begun to hatch a plan to deal with him."Peter then began to fill the two guys in on his plan but that will have to wait for the next episode of this story.To be continued soon, I hope you are enjoying my little fantasy as much as I am enjoying writing it. Please let me know if you have any ideas and your comments are gratefully appreciated, although any flames will be extinguished. James.
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